Coffee Roasting

Many of you may know we now micro roast our own coffee beans. I must be honest, when we undertook to change two years ago there was some nervousness about what we were doing but the results today have been outstanding.

The benefits we have achieved are,

  • Control over the freshness of our beans. Reading online the best time to grind beans and make a coffee is between 4 to 12 days from roasting. Sure, after this time the beans are fine but apparently during this timeframe the beans deliver the best result. Good beans and a good barista can make a great coffee. Not so good beans and a good barista will still make an average coffee.
  • Being free from the big companies. It allows you to offer special blends at any time.
  • There are a host of blends available to choose from.
  • Money. A big one for us. Our blend helped us to make more money but at the same time serve what we believe is a far nicer coffee. More importantly keeps extra money in your business rather than that of a big coffee company who these days can be owned by overseas interests.

The only negatives were the cost of setting this up and wondering how our clients would accept our change. Our customers have embraced the change and we are selling more coffee than we did before.

We are looking to offer other clients the access to micro roasting without the cost of setting up one as we do have excess capacity with what we have set up.

How this would work is we would assist you with selecting a blend of your choice and then roast the beans for you. The cost will vary depending on the Green Bean selected but you can get your roasted bean cost down to $25.00 per kg or maybe even less.

Please give me a call and I will pop in and go over how this could all happen.