Cottage Cafe Lunch



Lunch Menu

7am - 2pm





All burgers are served with a side of golden fries


-Beef ​​ Kiwi Classic $19

Beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, fried egg, gherkins, beetroot relish and creamy aioli, all stacked in a toasted bun.


-Chicken Bacon Deluxe $19

Succulent crumbed chicken breast sandwiched in a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, cheese, crispy bacon, caramelised onion relish and aioli.


-Veggie Delight $18

Our house-made vegetarian patty, served in a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, cheese, plum sauce and aioli.




Mince on Toast $15

A traditional home-style beef mince, cooked in a rich house-made sauce​​ and served on toasted rye bread.

*GF available * DF available*




Pie with Mash ​​ $14

Any pie of your choice, served with creamy potato mash and gravy.

*Vegetarian available *



Pot Pie ​​ $16

Ask our friendly staff for today's Pot Pie flavour.

An ever-changing creation, served with your choice of salad or fries.

*Ask for vegetarian, dairy free and vegan options*




Ploughman's Platter ​​ $22

Hearty rye bread, cold meats, cheddar cheese, pickled onions, gherkins, sundried tomatoes, relishes and salad greens.




Fish and Chips

Deliciously juicy crumbed Dory, served with tartare sauce, golden fries and a green salad.

Full - $17 Half - $12.50




Cheesy Gravy Fries ​​ $12

Crunchy golden fries, topped with rich gravy and melted cheese.​​ 




Daily Specials

Check out our blackboard specials to see today's offerings!






Fries:​​ Side $5/Bowl $7​​ 

Side Salad:​​ $6​​ 

Spinach/Tomato/Mushrooms/Hash Brown/Toast​​ $4

Bacon/Salmon/Sausage/Mash​​ $5

Aioli/Tomato Relish/Gravy/Hollandaise​​ $1.50



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